Let me first introduce you that what is tennis grand slam, so tennis grand slam constitutes four most major and important tennis events held annually.The winners of grand slam are offered media attention, popularity,big prize money,rankings and most of all public attention and fame also.

Grand slam consists of four tournaments

I. Australian open-mid January

II. French open-may and June

III. Wimbledon – June and July

IV. US open-august and September

The duration of each tournaments is about 2 weeks..these 2 weeks decides the winner of each tournaments respectively.if any player wins all the constitutive four tournaments in a year then it is known as the career grand slam..if the player also wins Olympic along with grand slam in the same year then he /she will be awarded as the title of “GOLDEN GRAND SLAM”. Among above tournaments,Wimbledon is the oldest event,which is currently being organised.

  1. Australian open: In 2017 the prize money for Australian open has been increased by 14% as compared to previous year.,,,,approx Australian $50 million.the winners of men and women singles will be awarded and pocketed with dollar 28 million.this year Australian open took place at Melbourne park between 16-29 January 2017 .It was the first tournament of grand slam 2017.the tournaments is organized for singles, doubles,mixed doubles.
  2. French open:Total prize money is approx $39.2 million…while single winners will be awarded 21 million euros.the 2017 french open tournaments took place at stade Roland garros on 28 may to 11 June.the tournament 2017 was played on clay courts over a series of 22 courts.
  3. Wimbledon:Wimbledon match as seek by it’s popularity has also announced 5% increase in prize money approximately estimating to $40.79 million.whereas single winners will get 22 million euros.the Wimbledon match is still going on and is on the field right now.the match will be held till 15 July as both singles , doubles and men’s and women’s.the recent reports of this match are that NADAL wins in straight sets. KONTA wins over VEKIC BEDENE goes to third round.
  4. US open :There has been a tremendously increase in prize money of US open by 20% increase in 2017 , becoming 46.3 million…whereas single winners will get record breaking prize money approximately 35 million $ for both men’s and women’s.
    1. SCHEDULE: The match was held on June 12-18,2017.
    2. WINNER:The event was won by BROOKS KOEPKA. The score attained by him was the lowest score scored.
    3. The no of players were 156 players,68 after cut.
    4. The prize fund was $12 million out of which the winners share was 2,160,000.
    5. VENUE:the tournament was hosted in Wisconsin

By comparing the above prize money pools and single pools ,we get into the conclusion that obviously US open holds the highest prize money pools both in terms of Total prize money and single winners.




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