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ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Schedule, Fixture Events:

India as have been seeded will be taking on arch-revelry Pakistan in the opening cricket match of ICC Champions Trophy after the two countries were on Wednesday have been placed in the same group event to be held in England.
The Powerhouse of Asia will be going ahead at Edgbaston, Birmangham on dated June 4.
The tournament will be continuing to 18 days from June 1 to June 18 and we will also be seeing matches which will be played in Cardiff Wales Stadium and The Oval in London, England.
A few days before All-Asian clash, Australia and New Zealand will be locking the horns in the repeat of the World Cup in year 2015 final at Edgbaston. Event have been hosted in the year 2004 & 2013 finalist taking on Bangladesh at the tournament which will also being the venue as the battle between the former champions teams i.e. Sri Lanka and South Africa on dated June 3.
The decision of the tournament has been declared a year before the first ball has been bowled in the tournament including all of a total of 15 matches which includes 3 knock out games played for two and half weeks.
On September 30, 2015 8 teams have been qualified for the tournament, with Australia being at number one position.
For the first time since the year 2006, they are heading Group A including 4th seeds New Zealand, 6th Seeds England and 7th seeds as Bangladesh.
India leading Group B comprising 3rd seeds South Africa, 5th seeds Sri Lanka and 8th seeds as Pakistan.
Being the top of the two sides will be proceeding the semi-finals, which will be going to be played at Cardiff and Edgbaston dated on June 14 & 15 respectively. There is going to be a reserve day for the finals.
So by announcing the schedule of the match ICC Chief Executive David Richardson said that “The ICC Champions Trophy is a sharp and short event which is equally followed and enjoyed by players as well as the spectators”.

The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 is not just a game to be played as it carries a heavy deal of values and respect as it is being played just 3 month before ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 at the qualification cut-off date. So every point is crucial at this event.
In the year 2013, India has defeated Pakistan by 8 wickets in hand in the rain-reduced match in Edgbaston. Then the team went on to defeat England by 5 runs at the same ground results in winning their second title of ICC Champions Trophy.
In the year 2006 and 2009 Australia won back the Champions Trophy title in India as well as South Africa, whereas New Zealand had won the competition in 2000 at Nairobi, as called the ICC Knock-Out.
England is hosting the event of Champions Trophy third time as the finals have been made in their home ground.

Here is the schedule of Events.

  • 1st June: England vs Bangladesh, The Oval (d)
  • 2nd June: Australia vs New Zealand, Edgbaston (d)
  • 3rd June: Sri Lanka vs South Africa, The Oval (d)
  • 4th June: India vs Pakistan, Edgbaston (d)
  • 5th June: Australia vs Bangladesh, The Oval (d/n)
  • 6th June: England vs New Zealand, Cardiff (d)
  • 7th June: Pakistan vs South Africa, Edgbaston (d/n)
  • 8th June: India vs Sri Lanka, The Oval (d)
  • 9th June: New Zealand vs Bangladesh, Cardiff (d)
  • 10th June: England vs Australia, Edgbaston (d)
  • 11th June: India vs South Africa, The Oval (d)
  • 12th June: Sri Lanka vs Pakistan, Cardiff (d)
  • 14th June: First Semi-Final (A1 vs B2), Cardiff (d)
  • 15th June: Second Semi-Final (A2 vs B1), Edgbaston (d)
  • 18th June: Final, The Oval (d)
  • 19th June: Reserve Day

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