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ICC New Rule 2017

ICC NEW RULES 2017 – International Cricket Council (ICC) has reviewed rule of cricket and decided to change and modified with introduce of new rules to make cricket more innovative, interesting and aim to rid any imbalances in the game. These new rules will come into effect in all cricket series starting from SEP 28th. It is expected rules would be followed since the match against Pakistan vs Srilanka and South Africa vs Bangladesh test match.

Key changes ICC New Rules

Bat Size and thickness

Restriction has been imposed on size of the edge of bat and thickness. ICC defined new rules on thickness of the edge (40mm) and overall depth (67mm). Umpires would have new machine, which they can use to check bat thickness.

Change to DRS

The International Cricket Council has decided that teams will no longer lose a review under the Decision Review System (DRS) if a leg before referral returns as ‘Umpires Call’. It has be decided the to include the use of DRS in all T20 Internationals. With the tweak in the DRS rule on umpire’s call, the current rule allowing the top-up of reviews after 80 overs in Tests has been removed.

Unfair Play

There are several tweaks. If the fielding side tries to deliberately distract or deceive the batsman after he/she has received the ball, the umpires can penalize them. If a bowler bowls a deliberate no-ball, he/she can be removed from the attack for the rest of the innings. A new law has now been introduced for catch to give umpires the power to deal with conduct they believe is unfair but is not covered elsewhere in the laws. Umpires can now send a player off the field for the rest of the match for any serious misconduct coming under Level 4 offences.


Batsman can be Run Out or Out Stumped if the ball bounces off the helmet worn by a fielder or wicket-keeper.

Helmet bounce

Unlike before, the batsmen can still be out caught, stumped or run out even if the ball bounces off the helmet worn by a fielder or wicket-keepers.

In Short we can define ICC New Rules as below

  1. As per new rules, if referrals for LBW ‘ Umpires call back ‘, the teams will not lose their review.
  2. The “Top-up” current rule is to review after 80 overs in Test matches will be over Whereas the DRS will now be applicable in T20 too.
  3. The ICC has also given the umpires the right to send the offending player out of the field, including violence, and all other offenses will come under ICC Code of Conduct as before.
  4. If the bat stays in the air after crossing the crease, the batsman will not be given a run out. At first the bat was given to the batsman when the ball was in the air.
  5. The batsman can still be caught, stump and run out, even if the ball came from the helmet worn by the fielder or the wicketkeeper.
  6. Now the fielder who catches the catch in the air on the boundary will have to catch the ball inside the boundary, otherwise it will be considered a boundary.
  7. Removing the ‘handled the ball’ rule, the batsman who is dismissed out in that manner will be given out under the ‘obstructing the field’ rule.

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