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Rafael Nadal vs Stan Wawrinka live stream: 2017 French Open Mens final

In French open final Rafael Nadal would choose to have standing across the net with history beckoning, Stan Wawrinka is the last

Stan Wawrinka, the Swiss wrecking ball who makes a habit of gatecrashing grand slam parties is the most feared man in tennis. Wawrinka is the oldest finalist in 44 years, but he also the most dangerous.

even though Nadal holds a 15-3 head-to-head edge, the Swiss presents a huge worry for Nadal as the Spaniard chases a 10th French Open crown.

Nadal knows Stan Wawrinka hits hard and Stopping him can be difficult. He do not want him to play his game, which means I need to make sure I don’t let him be in that position where he can hit hard.

Stan Wawrinka  is very dangerous players when he plays aggressively, so Nadal need to limit his possibilities and have to play very aggressively, and don’t want Stan Wawrinka  to take control.

14 grand slam titles winner Nadal has spent force winning for three years ago, is secretly salivating at the prospect of ruling Roland Garros again after watching Wawrinka and then Novak Djokovic usurp him. Nadal Victory on Sunday would see as a first player to win the same grand slam 10 times in the modern era.

Nadal has played their best in French Open final. He has yet to drop a set. He is winning a higher percentage of his second serve points than his first serve points. He has been playing at an unusually rapid pace, as if in a rush to get back on the major board for the first time in three years. Now, he’s three sets away.

Rafael Nadal vs Stan Wawrinka

Rafa has been best on clay, but over the last three years Stan had made himself into one of the game’s premier big-match players. Nadal is 15-3 record against Wawrinka, but Stan has beaten (an injured) Rafa in a major final, and has also beaten him on clay.

Rafa will have to play well, and smartly to win final. This year his serve has become more of a bailout weapon, and he’ll need to vary it well against Wawrinka. In the semis, Nadal also exposed an aggressive new down-the-line backhand; can he make that work for him again.

For Wawrinka, the battle may be mental above all else. He is also known as Grand Slam champion and opposite players believes he can beat anyone, including Djokovic, when he falls behind at majors, as he did against Andy Murray in his semifinal, Wawrinka fights tooth and nail until the end.

Wawrinka has achieved a great deal in tennis. Three majors, including Roland Garros in 2015. He’s made an enviable habit of playing his best tennis at the biggest events. He has been strong at the French Open, where he has won 18 of his last 19 matches. One thing he’s never done: lost in a Grand Slam final. He’ll try and keep it that way on Sunday.

Match Details


Men Singles Final

Roland Garros, Sunday 11pm

4-RAFAEL NADAL (Spain) v 3-STAN WAWRINKA (Switzerland)


Nadal leads Wawrinka 15-3.

Nadal leads Wawrinka 5-1 on clay.


$1.15 Nadal

$5 Wawrinka

Rafael Nadal vs STAN WAWRINKA live streaming would be available on :FOX SPORTS

Rafael Nadal vs Stan Wawrinka Match Predictions

As per head to head records it is clearly shows Rafale is in very strong position to win the final. Rafael Nadal has always been a better player, as per the records.

A clay court is something which is the yard of Rafael Nadal and it will be very difficult for Stan Wawrinks to defeat him this time. Coming to the conclusion, my prediction for this match is Rafael Nadal.


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